About Belly Casting Kits

What is a belly cast? A pregnancy belly cast is a plaster cast made of an expecting mom's beautiful pregnant form in the 7th, 8th or even 9th month of pregnancy (or at several stages of the pregnancy to capture the progression). Belly casts are made by preparing the skin with belly balm (or similar). Strips of wet plaster gauze are then placed in 3-4 overlapping layers over the pregnant abdomen. You may also choose to cast breasts, shoulders or thighs into a full torso sculpture. The result is a three-dimensional plaster sculpture (belly cast). The belly cast can then be decorated with any number of finishes or designs or left in its natural state. The kits below enable moms to create a lasting memory of their pregnancy in the privacy of their own home.

Project Time: The total time of the project from start to finish (including prep time and clean up) is about 40 minutes. The time needed for mom to be still and wait for the cast to dry is about 10-15 minutes. Once removed from the belly, the cast needs to dry for about 24-48 hours before being decorated or painted.

The contents of our belly cast kits are outlined below. For further details about the individual items, please scroll down.

The contents of our belly cast kits are outlined below. For more detail about the individual items listed in the table, please scroll down.

Kit Contents


PB Basic

PB Deluxe

Luna Bean Ultimate

Plaster Rolls
4" x 5yds



5 6

Latex-free Gloves

1 Pair

1 Pair

2 Pair

5 Pair

Complete Instructions

Plastic Drop Cloth


Belly Cast Lubricant


1oz Cocoa Butter

2oz Unrefined Shea Butter

1lb Smoothing Plaster



(Plaster of Paris)

(Casting Stone
@ 3X Strong)

(White Matte)



(2 fl.oz.)

(4 fl.oz.)

Sanding Screen



Medium Size

Large Size

Sanding Sponge
(4" x 3" x 1")


Water Tray
(for dipping bandages)


Mixing Spoon
& Stick


Bonus Item
(Ink Pad)




Hanging Wire/Ribbon




Belly Cast Decorating Kit

Add-on at
a discount

Extra Bandage





Gift Wrap Available





Next Day Delivery Available





*Available as an add-on at a discounted price.

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Plaster Bandages
:  All kits contain 4 inch x 5yd bandages.  Four bandages (Essential & Basic) is enough for the belly and breasts and 5 rolls (ProudBody Deluxe) is enough for the breasts and the largest of bellies.  The Luna Bean Ultimate kit includes 6 rolls, which is enough for breasts, the largest of bellies and either extra layers for durability, or for including thighs and/or shoulders. Many people split the Luna Bean kit and make 2 breat/belly casts at different times in their pregnancy as there are enough rolls, gloves and lubricant for two standard casts. 

belly cast kitWhat about quality? Both bandages shown measure
4in x 5yds. However, one clearly has much more plaster material, which makes all the difference. All kits sold by Casting Keepsakes supply the extra creamy, bright white rolls shown on the left side in the photo.

Belly Lubricant: Do not attempt to create a belly cast without some sort of barrier between the skin and the cast.  The ProudBody Basic & Deluxe kits include a 1oz jar of an all natural Belly Rub lubricant made with beeswax and cocoa butter.  The Luna Bean kit includes a 2oz jar of an all natural Belly Lube made with unrefined African shea butter, vitamin E and light lavender essential oil. The Essential kit, however, does not include a lubricant and you will need to supply your own. Many agree that Vaseline (as well as un-petroleum jelly) is the best alternative with Udderly SMooth Udder Cream and vegetable shortening a close second and third. Be sure to apply a very generous layer of whichever you use.

If you do not like the idea of dealing with a messy lubricant, consider a plastic barrier: specifically Glad Press 'N' Seal plastic wrap. Members of our local mom group have experimented with several options and agree that a plastic wrap is a great alternitive to a lubricant. The tacky side of the Press N Seal wrap gently clings to mom's skin. It then separates very easily, cleanly and quickly from both mom's belly and from the back of the finished cast. Without a doubt, clean up is much easier and quicker.

Plaster Casting Stone: For use while creating the belly cast or to be applied after it has dried, the casting stone helps smooth out and reinforce your belly cast.

Gloves: All gloves supplied with our kits are non-latex and powder free.

Sanding Screen: A carbide sanding screen is supplied with all kits for smoothing out the cast once it has been created and is fully dry. (Just be sure not to sand the underlying gauze).

Drop Cloth: A 9x12 foot disposable plastic drop cloth is included with both of the ProudBody and the Luna Bean kits  to protect the furniture and floor in your belly casting area. For the Essential kit, old sheets, newspaper, or plastic garbage bags can be used to protect your work area.

Baby-Safe Ink Pads: A black, pink or blue ink pad is a free gift add-on with Luna Bean kit.  Pink and blue pads are also available for purchase.  Once your baby has arrived, you will have the ink pad available to add your baby's prints to your belly cast.

Packaging: The ProudBody kits are supplied with a colorful retail box.  The Luna Bean kit is packaged by hand in a kraft box with colorful tissue paper and ribbons (see photo) and many consider it to be ready for gift giving, but additional gift wrap can be included.  The Essential kit does not have a retail box of any sort. However, if the gift wrap option is selected, it will arrive in a white gift box with ribbon.

What About Painting the Belly Cast: If you plan to paint the cast, it is best to first apply an acrylic priming paint (Gesso) to seal the cast (over just the bandages or over the plaster casting stone) and then paint and/or decorate as desired. Belly cast decorating kits that include acrylic paints, brushes and many design photos are available in our store and are 50% off option with the Luna Bean kit. The easiest and most popular way to display a belly cast is to hang it on a wall. Poke a couple of holes using a screw driver or an electric drill and string a ribbon or picture hanging wire through it to be used for hanging the cast.