Company History and Background
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Casting Keepsakes is a home grown business based in the United States. It was started in a kitchen in 2002 by two sisters taking a leave of absence from their careers of biomedical engineering and accounting trying to care for their newborn infants. While looking for the perfect footprint style keepsake, they were inspired by products used in a local play. Unsuccessful in finding exactly what they were looking for in retail stores, they spent several weeks gathering and testing molding and casting materials until they found what they considered the perfect combinations.

Not wanting to keep it just for themselves, they put together kits to give as gifts to family and friends so that they too could also create unique keepsakes. Over the following year or so, the word about the kits apparently got out and when they started getting requests from people they didn't know and eventually from across the country, they decided to begin offering them on eBay under user ID MarlasMarket ( and still sell kits through that eBay store.

In 2004, Casting Keepsakes launched its own website featuring Luna Bean 3D Life Casting DIY kits and moved out of the kitchen into a dedicated space. However to keep costs down, they have chosen not to maintain a public physical store-front. They do, however, attend various events, expos, shows, craft/gift fairs, etc. and have affiliates that use their materials to provide life casting services. The life casting kits have always been packaged and assembled by hand in the United States. Any 'out-sourcing' is to stay-at-home moms, dads and college students in the local area. When you receive your life casting kit you can be assured that it is freshly packaged because the kits are rarely assembled more than just a few weeks in advance.

In 2010, Casting Keepsakes acquired an air drying clay line of products featured in the Air Dry Clay Prints category. Along the way they have also chosen to partner with the Proud Body line of products that includes baby-safe ink pads, pregnancy art and pregnancy belly cast kits.

Everyone at Casting Keepsakes wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase (whether sold by directly thru this site, or thru an affiliate) and are available to answer your questions most any time whether by phone, email or live chat.

Happy Casting !