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Below is some of the feedback collected from our previous web store platform.
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"Hello, I recently received an order from you of a party pack kids hands kit. I usually don't write to companies but I wanted to tell you how phenomenal I thought this kit was. I work in a daycare plus I have 6 nieces and nephews and 9 god-children so I am always doing projects like this and this is by far the best quality I have ever come across. I had recently used an Eyewitness Skullduggery Mold-It Kit that I purchased from Amazon that was so terrible and poor quality that it sent me searching the Internet until I came across your website and decided to take a chance on your kit. I'm so glad I did! I recently reviewed that Eyewitness Molding kit on Amazon and I mentioned how great a product Casting Keepsakes sells in my review for anyone who was looking for a quality molding kit. I hope to purchase from you again. We had so much fun with this kit and it was so simple and the results were spectacular. Keep up the good work! A very happy customer, Meredith D."

"I ordered this about a week ago, and soon after, I received it in the mail. I followed the easy to use instructions, and got a great result! Very defined! Since my husband got deployed right before the birth of our son, I thought this would be a great idea to send him while he\'s gone, so he can see how little our son\'s hands and feet were. I can\'t wait to hear about his reaction. I hope this will make it more realistic for him, since this is our first baby. Thank you SO much for such a great product! I was so pleased, I ordered more, and I\'m about to make yet ANOTHER order! I love this!! Thanks! Haley" (Product Purchased: 3D Life Casting Kits)

"Hello, I just received my package yesterday for making a mold of my son and daughters feet/hands. I was really excited about it. It was alot easier than I had imagined it to be, everything was set up perfect, instructions were clear, and they came out wonderful. I loved it. I would like to do my husband and my hands next! Thank you for such a great keepsake, I\'ll love to see my son\'s tiny foot when he\'s taller than me in 15 years! Audrey J. " (Product Purchased: Infant Plaster Casting Kit)

"I just couldn't understand how something could be \'wiggle proof\' and actually I still don\'t...but I've seen it and am so in love with my little casts of my baby\'s foot and my toddler\'s hand!!! Awesome product, EVERY PARENT needs to do this to immortalize their little ones precious hands and feet!!" Amy, TX (Product Purchased: Baby Plaster Statue Kit)

"OUTSTANDING! The castings were the hit of our Brownie Mother & Daughter overnight! They are SO detailed! The Mother\'s carried their castings off like it was a newborn! I have had a few Mothers and Fathers call me the day after to stay how special this product is and asking how to get more so they could do the rest of their family. I even had one Father start crying when he told me how special this is to him. He wants to put the casting on his desk at work so he will always have his wife and daughter with him. Thanks again for the speedy shipping. Carolyn, Brownie Troop 5 leader"

"thank you!!! Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your great product...I was a little worried at first that it would be more difficult to work with that it was, but I found it pretty easy to do, and the results are amazing...its great to capture my 2 sons hands and feet at such a precious age (18 months and 2 months) They grow up so fast, it will be great to have these memories forever...I will definately be coming back for more, and referring your site to others with young children :) Thanks Again, Trish"

"Our sweet baby boy Theo, now 8 months old, was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor at 3 months old. He will be leaving us soon. My cousin sent me the Keepsake Hands and Impressive Memories Casting Kits as a wonderful gesture soon after diagnosis. I set them aside until recently. My husband and I made the cast of mine and Theo\'s hands this week and it turned out more beautifully than I could have imagined. We plan to do the Impressive Memories cast this weekend. I am so grateful to have these tangible and beautiful memories. I just placed my order for two more kits so we can do Theo's hand with my husband\'s and possibly one with all three of us. Thank you so much for your products. I hope to convey how much they mean to us and to other families who may be going through similar experiences. --Karla Helbert "

"thank you so much for all your help. I really love ordering through this company as everyone is always very respectful and willing to help, and very fast to respond. Once again, a happy customer, Melissa C."

"I ordered [the kits] as a Christmas present for myself ... so I could get casts of my Mother & Dad\'s hands individually as well as together. I am so THRILLED with how they turned out is truly a priceless gift, as my father was diagnosed in Nov 2004 with stage 4 lung cancer. My brother & his wife loved them & asked if they could have one of the kits to do their joined hands. This one, too, turned out wonderful. Needless to say, I did spend a few hours getting the molding compound out of all the crevices that two joined hands "form" . . . Thanks so much for your wonderful products as well as your help, information & support! -JF"

"Hi: We finally revealed the molds, just yesterday, they came out quite well, there were a couple of imperfections on one, but I will just file them away. All and all, the hands came out very well, the nails were very defined, as well as the lines inside the palms. My brother and I are planning to make our own hands to put with my moms. It is certainly something that we will treasure as long as we live. Thanks again for all you help. Take care and God bless. Bertha"

"Greetings, I recently purchased a casting kit from your company and was extremely excited to be able to purchase from a Minnesota company. I was also excited to get started casting my 12-week-olds hands and feet. Except for a flaw on one of the fingers (probably due to an air bubble) the castings turned out absolutely perfect and I am so excited to show them off. Thank you so much, Erika"

"When I first came to this site and read the testimonial about the woman who was in tears when she saw her baby\'s casting, I thought it was made up. I purchased a kit anyway and have to agree with her. The castings are absolutely amazing! I can honestly say it was the best $22 I ever spent." Heidi, Missouri

"Thank you for prompt delivery. I'm very pleased! I ordered 2 hand and foot kits for my 8 month old twins. I casted their hands and feet as a gift to my husband for Father's Day. The detail is amazing and it was so easy! I was shocked to see every little crease. I wish I had done this when they were first born. What a treasure this will be for years to come. This will also be my shower gift for any new mom. Thank you for a great product!" Debbie, Newark, DE

"In September I delivered my gift bags to the hospital including the molds you generously donated and the staff in the post-partum unit were just overwhelmed. Since September they have given out 8 bags to families who have suffered a stillborn baby and I just recently had one of those moms contact me. She was so thankful for each of the items in the bag, but mainly the mold that she now has of her baby\'s hand and foot. She thanked me over and over for such a great gift in such an awful time. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated you helping me help other families. -Shayla" [Ongoing services since 2007]

"This transaction by far has been the smoothest I have ever experience. I have done business with Disney, Wal-Mart, E-bay, etc; and everything they said they would do, they did not do. You guys have brought back the mean of INTEGRITY! Thank You & God Bless You! Joel"

"Just wanted to send my praises to a great product. I was a little scared I must admit that I`d be able to do this correctly and with good results. I must have read the directions and watched the internet video several times. My son is 2 months old and we definately needed 2 people to get the job done. But I`ve included pics of our first feet and I think they turned out great! Can`t wait to do his hands tonight." View Photo Here [Kelley G]

"Excelent product! I tried a couple other kits from our local craft store before finding yours and they did not work out at all. I will be back for more around Christmas time!" Julianna, MD

"I purchased a party pack for my wife to help her start a new hobby [or maybe even a small business;-)] after the birth of our first child. I am amazed at how well even our very first casting turned out. We will definitely be back for more." Clint

"Hello, I recently bought some Chromatic ALGINATE Molding Powder from you on ebay. I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the powder, It`s really great stuff, high detail, easy to use, just super. I hope to do business with you again soon. Thanks and kind regards, Ruud"

"I just wanted to thank you for you wonderful customer service. It is hard to find service like this anymore. I will be sure to let all my friends know about your wonderful products and awesome customer service. Thank You Again! Kelie"

"i purchased this item for my daughter\'s first birthday and it came out great! i told my husband that even when she is 30 and has kids of her own i can still hold her hand from her 1st birthday! thats priceless! thanks again! Joanne"

"We did did the casting of our hands right before our wedding and put it out on the guest book sign-in table. Everyone loved it and thought it was a neat way to preserve our special day. It was really detailed and you could see my ring. I can\'t wait to look back at it 50 years from now ! Angela"

"Thank you ever so much for all your help! My school project was a hit and everyone was asking how I did it. I can\'t even tell you how amazing this whole experience has been. Thanks!!!!! Jasmine

"I want to THANK YOU so much for your quick service!!! Your product is AMAZINGLY easy!! I had 45 kids hands to make and had it all [d]one in one day with out going CRAZY!!! HAHA! We are already thinking of what to do next and when!! THANK YOU -Courtney"

"hi. i just wanted to tell you that we made a casting of my baby's foot tonite and it came out so perfectly! thank you for providing such a wonderful product and helping me to preserve this pudgy baby foot!" C.R., Canada

"I bought your shadow box kit (11x14) for my 1 year old daughter. Thank you a this wonderful product. It was easy to create and the result was astonishing. Here are the two pictures showing off my daughter hand and foot casting. "

"The molding of my newborn sons feet went really well. Mom and I could not believe how much detail you can get with the moldings! Again thanks, and now [w]ill be buying some more molding kits for xmas presents."

"I love your product me and my husband did our hands and they came out great we also did our sons feet every one that see\'s them just falls in love with them and I have told every one about your site...."

"I looked all over for a product like this before I found your website. I can\'t begin to express how pleased I am with the product. I am amazed at the detail of those tiny feet each time I get to "hold" them again!! Thanks again!, Eve"

"we made the castings last weekend and the results are outstanding!! now im back to try the wax. we plan to make prayng hands of our older daughter and use it as a centerpiece at thanksgiving and such. i cant wait to see how it turns out!" Hansa, CA

"You guys really need to start selling these kits in hospital gift shops. They have such junk in those shops that no one wants anyways. These are a real find and the castings are priceless!" [Donna, TX]

"The Keepsake Hands kit made a perfect Mother's Day gift. We made castings of each of our girls and the finished product was better than expected. Oh, and thanks for the rush shipping." Rob, New York, NY

Short Quick Reviews Prior to 2010 (eBay, Amazon, etc.)

"Excellent to deal with - great product - fun and easy with the instructions" [Baby Deluxe Casting Kit]

"Easy set up/take down. Fast shipping. Thanks so much!" [Ultimate Belly Cast Kit]


"worked great thank you!!!" [Baby Safe Ink Pad]

"Great experience, prompt shipping and fantastic product" [Baby Deluxe Casting Kit]

"Awesome transaction!!!! Great product. Belly cast turned out beautiful!!!" [Bulk Plaster Cloth Rolls] "PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT FOR NEW MOM; THANKS FOR VERY FAST SHIPPING!!" [Belly Cast Kit] "Great item, had a fabulous time doing this with my 3 year old! Fast shipping!!!" [Clay Keepsake Kit]

"Belly Kit worked Awesome! Very simple instructions! Awesome seller!" [Belly Cast Kit]

"Amazing product-best plaster rolls I've EVER found-perfect seller" [Plaster Cloth Rolls]

"Awesome Seller, Great Product, 2nd Purchase, and hope to have many more!" [Infant Plaster Casting Kit]

"Making this belly cast was unbelieveable fun! The Luna Bean kit had everything and it was all excellent quality. Great gift !!!"

"Absolutely the BEST footprint kit out there! I highly recommend this Seller A+++" [eBay, Novembber, 2009] (Product Ordered: Clay Keepsake Tin)

"Great Product!! Fast Shipping!! A++++ Seller!! 5 stars! Thanks so much!!" [eBay, November, 2009] (Product Ordered: Clay Hanging Keepsake)

"Great price on a great product,,,can\'t wait to make another." [eBay, October, 2009] (Product Ordered: Infant Casting Kit)

"EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY, AWESSOME PRICE! LOVE IT!" [October, 2009] (Product Ordered: Clay Keepsake Frame)

"best auction i ever bought turned out great and a keepsake for a lifetime thanks" [eBay, September, 2009] (Product Ordered: Infant Casting Kit)

"this is great stuff wonderful product thanks love it will be back" [eBay, September, 2009] (Product Ordered: Baby Hand Casting Kit)

"Shipping was fast! They turned out great!" [eBay, September, 2009] (Product Ordered: Clay Hanging Keepsake)

"Love it!!! Fast fast shipment!!" [eBay, September, 2009] (Product Ordered: Baby Safe Ink Pad)

"GREAT SELLER! Great product! Great trasaction! NO problems! A++" [eBay, September, 2009] (Product Ordered: Alginate Molding Powder)

"Perfect item, one very happy cousin in australia. Would recommend and use again" [eBay, August, 2009] (Product Ordered: Infant Casting Kit)

"very good plaster will be back for more" [eBay, August, 2009] (Product Ordered: Bulk Casting Stone)

"Great Ebayer A+++ would do business with again, worked perfect" [eBay, July, 2009] (Product Ordered: Baby Safe Ink Pad)

"Great product. Prompt delivery." [eBay, July, 2009] (Product Ordered: Baby Safe Ink Pad)

"Love this item! Very easy transaction! Would definitely buy from again! Thanks!!" [eBay, June, 2009] (Product Ordered: 8x10 Shadow Box Frame)

"Fast shipping....this was fun...highly recommend...A+A+A++++" [eBay, June, 2009] (Product Ordered: Belly Cast Kit)

"Very cool ! MAKIN\' MEMORIES W/ your help :) THANK YOU!" [eBay, June, 2009] (Product Ordered: Belly Cast Kit)

"Great Seller!!!! Overall great transaction & awesome product : ) Recommended!!!!" [eBay, June, 2009] (Product Ordered: Baby Safe Ink Pad)

"my wife loved your product. thank you!" [eBay, May, 2009] (Product Ordered: Clay Keepsake)

"Thanks. So fun to do it. However, a little hard to do. We messed up..have to buy a refill" [eBay, May, 2009] (Product Ordered: Impressive Memories Kit)

"AWESOME KIT-- excellent seller-- A+++++ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" [eBay, May, 2009]


"OMG! Gorgeous and easy to do! We will treasure this casting forever! Thank you!" [eBay, March, 2009]

"I did it! Worked great! Priceless memories! Thank you!" [eBay, March, 2009]

"We made memory boxes for teen moms living in a hm. Thank u 4 making it special!" [eBay, February, 2008]

"made great keepsake footprints with ink pads, comes off easily Highly recomended" [eBay, January, 2008]

"Item as described - Great condition - Works wonderfully - Thanks so much! AAA+++" (Product Purchased: Infant Plaster Casting Keepsake Kit) [eBay, December, 2008]

"The perfect baby memories. Excellent product" (Product Purchased: Infant Plaster Casting Keepsake Kit) [eBay, December, 2008]

"very neat product=everything needed to make this unique mold-good parent gift++!" (Product Purchased: Infant Plaster Casting Keepsake Kit) [eBay, November, 2008]

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"I love these kits...I can\'t get enough!! Thanks again!!." (Product Purchased: Baby Ink Pad) [eBay, October, 2008]

"everything was easy to understand and the end result amazing will do again" (Product Purchased: Baby Hand Casting Kit) [eBay, October, 2008]

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"Was really cool,we really enjoyed making them TY" (Product Purchased: Kids Hand Casting Kit) [eBay, July, 2008]

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"love it love how easy it is to use buying more for months to come" (Product Purchased: Infant Plaster Casting Keepsake Kit) [eBay, February, 2008]

"Wonderful item, fun and a great keepsake! Thanks" (Product Purchased: Kids Hand Casting Kit) [eBay, February, 2008]

"Great product. Fast shipping. Recommended!" (Product Purchased: Impressive Memories ShadowBox Kit) [eBay, January, 2008]

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"Got our stuff last Friday and it turned out great! Thanks!" [Rebecca, October 2007]

"bought 3 yrs ago for my baby, now came back for gift, awesome as always!" [eBay, October 2007]

"Fast shipping! My mother loved her gift! Thanks!" [eBay, September 2007]

"What an experience! FUN FUN! I\'m coming back for more (for a foot do-over LOL!!)" [eBay, September 2007]

"Your product and service has been a wonderful experience! I\'ve made impressions of my kids\' hands and feet. It was quick, easy, and they came out great! -TY" [September, 2007]

"What an experience! FUN FUN! I\'m coming back for more (for a foot do-over LOL!!)" [eBay, September 2007]

"Yihooo, more molding powder. I would recommed this to anyone, its great!" [eBay, August 2007]

"Great stuff!!!! We had lots of fun and are now addicted!!! Thanks" [eBay, August 2007]

"Fast Shipment! Worked great for my TWINS!" [eBay, August 2007]

"Works as advertised, fast ship & good communication. I\'m a very happy buyer A+" [ebay, August 2007]


"A+ Fast ship! The hand-casting kit was wonderful!" [eBay, July 2007]

"Fast shipping, great instructions, great bargain. Thanks!!" [eBay, June 2007]

"excellent product, fast shipping, would highly recommend" [eBay, June 2007]

"Fast shipping , GREAT PRODUCT A++++++++++++++++++++++++" [eBay, May 2007]

"The castings turned out beautiful. Thanks for the coupon code. I have several friends that are pregnant and I\'m sure that they would love to get the set as a gift:) " [Brenda, May 2007]

"Thx for the hand casting kits. Worked perfectly w/ great instructions." [eBay, May 2007]

"Fast delivery and very cool product. Mother enjoyed babies hands! Thx" [eBay, May 2007]

"Seller went out of her way to be helpful and sent item as a gift for me.AAAA++++" [eBay, May 2007]

"our mother\'s day breakfast brunch was a huge success. there were alot of happy tears and the mom\'s were in awe of the casted hands&feet of their children. again, thank you verrrrrry much for all that you did for us!!!!" [Dallas & Peter, May 2007]

"Love it... it came out great...thanks!!!!!!!!!" [eBay, April 2007]

"great seller, quick delivery, great product" [eBay, April 2007]

"PERFECT! Exactly what I\'ve been looking for. thank you." [eBay, April 2007]


"Best keepsake ever. Great seller and fast shipping." [eBay, April 2007]

"I love this product, it\'s an awesome keepsake. Great seller and fast shipping." [eBay, April 2007]

"arrived today, already made mold, turned out great! THanks" [eBay, April 2007]

"Item received very quickly. Very cool stuff!" [eBay, April 2007]

"Excellent Product!" [eBay, March 2007]

"Thanks again! Quick shipment, I LOVE your products!!! Will buy more soon!!!" [eBay, March 2007]

"This product is amazing!!!! I will be ordering more!!!!!" [eBay, March 2007]

"Great Casting product!!! Fast Shipping & Friendly!!! Highly Recommend!!! A+++" [eBay, March 2007]

"Excellent product, the casting turned out great!!! Great transaction too!!!" [eBay, March 2007]

"Terrific item, worked out so great, super fast shipping. Thank you" [eBay, February 2007]

"As always, excellent product and excellent service. I will purchase again. " [eBay, January 2007]

"quidk shipping cool product!" [eBay, January 2007]

"As always, excellent product and excellent service. I will purchase again. " [January 2007]

"These are great for gifts. It was a lot easier than I expected. Turned out A+!" [ebay, December 2006]

"just as promised- excellent memory maker. Thank you! " [ebay, December 2006]

"Awesome better than others on the market!" [ebay, December 2006]

"worked like acharm. I loved it! Thanks " [ebay, November 2006]

"Super fast shipping! Terrific and original product! I love it! Will come again! " [ebay, November 2006]

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